Dimitris Poulopoulos

Machine Learning Engineer | Researcher

Top Jupyter Extensions: 2021 Edition

23 March 2021

Jupyter Notebook has always been a tool for the incremental development of software ideas. Just like Donald Knuth, the mind behind the concept of literate programming said, “treat a program as a piece of literature, addressed to human beings rather than to a computer.”

JupyterLab was developed to address some of Jupyter Notebooks’ shortcomings. Alongside the new file browser and the IDE-like experience, JupyterLab integrates many great extensions that enrich your working environment.

However, when I searched for a list of great extensions I could blend into my daily coding routine, most of the articles were outdated or featured dead or dormant projects (e.g., projects that were not active for more than six months). Moreover, almost every list has the Table of Contents extension on top, an extension that is now part of the core JupyterLab 3.0 release.

Thus, I decided to compile my own list. In this 2021 JupyterLab extensions edition, I consider only active, high-quality projects. To this end, for each project, I will record the number of GitHub stars, the date since the last commit, and other details, such as PyPi downloads and contributors count.

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Image by Xavi Cabrera from Unsplash