Dimitris Poulopoulos

Machine Learning Engineer | Researcher

Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code

07 January 2021

Notebooks have always been a perfect tool for the incremental development of software ideas. Data scientists use Notebooks to journal their work, explore and experiment with novel algorithms, quickly sketch new approaches, and immediately observe the outcomes.

Jupyter Notebooks brought a revolution to how Data Scientists compiled their projects, allowing them to analyze a dataset using a form of literate programming. Then, JupyterLab was developed to address some of Jupyter Notebooks’ shortcomings and is the next-generation user interface for the project.

Today, we have one more option: Visual Studio Code. The new Jupyter extension for VS Code comes with full support for our beloved .ipynb files, bringing interactive programming to the editor. You may lose some things, like your favorite Jupyter extensions, but processes like debugging may become more straightforward. Ultimately, it comes down to how you use Notebooks.

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